Chinese medicine -
in Lewes, East Sussex

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat disease for over 2000 years. One of the first medical texts, 'The Huang Di Nei jing' (The Yellow Emperor's Medical Classic) dates back to its earliest roots. Doctors and scholars have refined and expanded these theories, which have been passed down through generations to the present day. The study of this tradition is a lifetimes work that is always expanding and adapting to modern times.

Acupuncture has an accumulative effect. Treatment is gradual and unfolding, with each treatment peeling back and treating the layers underneath to reveal the core issues.

Chinese Medicine does not separate mind and body or seek to alleviate illness via a single mechanism like pharmaceutical drugs. In Chinese medicine we view illness in terms of the movement of qi, bodily substances and pathogenic factors. We look at the correlation between many of the patients' signs and symptoms which enable us to establish the key issues of the problem, linking them together to provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

I'm currently treating from the beautiful A.S Apothecary treatment room in Lewes.

31 Western Road, Lewes, East Sussex, Bn7 1RL

Chinese medicine

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