Facial rejuvenation

Lewes East Sussex

Energy and blood flow throughout the facial skin and muscles. This is stimulated by the application of fine needles to key points and areas on the face, head, ears and body.

Acupuncture prevents the formation of wrinkles, minimises appearance of fine lines and improves the processes through which the skin regulates its quality and appearance. The treatments increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the face in order to reduce visible signs of aging and bring a youthful glow to the face. Collagen production is increased and skin fibres are strengthened. Facial muscles are plumped and puffiness reduced around the eyes.

The 'whole body' facial beauty acupuncture treatment is
an exclusive skin rejuvenating method that unlocks not only the ability of the face to reflect a healthier and younger appearance but also addresses internal causes of
premature aging.

I have completely an exclusive facial rejuvenation course with renowned specialist Virginia Doran.

I'm currently treating from the beautiful A.S Apothecary treatment room in Lewes.

31 Western Road, Lewes, East Sussex, Bn7 1RL

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